Conference 2019 Session: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Traveling From a Consumption-based Learning Model to a Capability-based Learning Model

Content Track:  Assessments in Practice   
  • Dr. Lynne Key, U.S. Field Training and Development Network Leader | Nielsen
  • Nina Agressott, Learning Measurement Specialist | Nielsen

Our mission in the U.S. Field Training and Development Network at Nielsen is to “. . . develop, fortify, and inspire capability. . .” Data collection, analysis, and interpretation of data are critical components in gauging the success of our learners. Our department’s learning model has historically been consumption-based; whereas our success was measured on the “seat hours” per learner. As we travel down the road to a capability-based learning model; we are focused on measuring learning impact by documenting the learning path.

There have been many challenges along this road. We have run into the Scarecrow; represented by fear and lack of confidence that learners face; the Tin Man is ever present through teaching soft-skills that will enable learners to build relationships; and like the Cowardly Lion, our learners need courage and self-efficacy to be successful.

As we continue to strive towards capability; Questionmark will play a key role. It will allow us to create and deliver assessments; provide meaningful data to assess our progress; and allow us to make more informed business decisions.  

Learning Objectives 
  • Gain insight on how we are changing our learning model.

  • Learn how Questionmark has allowed us to be more efficient.

  • Understand how we have used what the data to make business decisions.