Conference 2019 Session: Customizing the Portal and Participant Experience

Customizing the Portal and Participant Experience

Content Track:  Features and Functions    Experience Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Shaun Wilson, Training Solutions Consultant, Questionmark

Want to add your logo to your assessment templates? Change the text on 'Submit' button to say 'Finish test'? Or maybe customize the pages that your users see when they log in to the portal?  

This session covers the core skills and knowledge needed to customize Questionmark assessment templates. In addition, it will explain how you can configure key parts of the portal to include custom content such as instructions, links to resources and embedded videos) guidance to users based on their roles (e.g. Participants, Item Authors, Assessment Authors, etc.)

Learn how to use the following features and capabilities:

  • Using the "Content Admin" role to modify key pages in the portal
  • Creating role-based "content blocks" with rich text, graphics and embedded medial
  • Modifying assessment and question layouts
  • Configuring "tools" in the Assessment Navigator
  • Tips and considerations for editing assessment templates
  • Require some or all users to consent to your organization's terms and conditions
  • Options for how participants can launch assessments and view their results