Conference 2019 Session: Authoring Items: Beyond the Basics (BYOL)

Authoring Items: Beyond the Basics (BYOL)

Content Track: Features & Functions   Experience Level: Intermediate/Advanced recommended; Beginners welcome too!
Rick Ault, Trainer, Questionmark

During this session, our Questionmark trainer will explore the advanced question editor within the NextGen authoring platform.  We will discuss the additional capabilities available in the advanced editor, and their appropriate uses.

This session will focus on the following: 

  • Understanding Question Outcomes
  • Creating your own scoring conditions within a question
  • Adding additional text elements or choices to a question.

This session is intended for users that are already comfortable with the basic question interface in NextGen Authoring, or are familiar with working in the Perception Question Editor.  Beginning users are also welcome to attend.

Relevant Job Roles
  • Author

  • Instructional Designer

  • Manager

Speaker Bio

Conference SpeakerRick Ault
Trainer, Questionmark

Rick Ault is a senior technical trainer and a member of the Questionmark family for over 10 years. After learning the technical side of the Perception platform as a support technician, Rick began teaching and coaching users on how to use Perception effectively. Over the years, he has instructed thousands of Questionmark users from hundreds of organizations on how to make the most of Questionmark technologies and services.