Conference 2019 Session: Authoring Assessments: Beyond the Basics

Authoring Assessments: Beyond the Basics (BYOL)

Content Track: Features & Functions   Experience Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Rick Ault, Trainer, Questionmark

This session will provide an interactive, audience-driven opportunity for hands on practice and instruction from our Questionmark trainer.

Through the use of live demonstration, the instructor will cover how to create a short survey that captures demographic information and utilizes Jump Blocks to present questions relevant to the participant.  Specific tasks that will be shown during this demonstration incl

  • Creating topics to facilitate reporting
  • Creating several questions
  • Composing an assessment
  • Designating questions as special fields to facilitate report filtering
  • Defining conditional jumps within an assessment (Jump Blocks)

 Attendees will have to opportunity to work along with the instructor, creating questions of their own, and ask questions. Your questions will drive the discussion.

Relevant Job Roles
  • Author
  • Instructional Designer
  • Manager