Bryant chose Perception to help him assess students comprehension


The Real Estate Information Management School in Norcross, Georgia, offers courses on everything from Excel for Appraisers to the latest FNMA guidelines. People hoping to qualify as Real Estate Appraisers rely on the school to help them prepare for a tough State Licensing exam. School director John Bryant has been teaching real estate professionals since 1994. With changes in rules and regulations mounting throughout the 1990s, Bryant decided it was time to make a switch from his traditional system of teaching entirely by way of standup lectures. As the only person in Georgia teaching about the new FHA rules, he faced increasing demand for courses. He was looking for a new approach that would use technology to complement his own teaching.

Choosing Perception

Bryant chose Question mark Perception to help him assess students’ comprehension after starting with inexpensive and self-programmed disk based quiz software that showed him the potential of computer aided learning. After comparing several products, Perception was selected because of its ability to access external websites and provide “explanations” within the quizzes.

Using Perception

Today, Bryant relies on Perception to ensure that candidates have mastered his course material sufficiently to take the national Appraisal Licensing and Certification exams with confidence. By blending classroom teaching with computerized assessment, he is able to provide breaks in the instruction both for himself and his students. Each lecture lasts about 45 minutes and is followed by a computerized assessment. These range in length from 30 to 60 questions. Each question has a “click for reference” button that leads people to a screen with background information that will help them answer the question or refers them to the relevant portion of the textbook.

Bryant, who also teaches courses on Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, cash flow analysis, property appraisal and FHA regulations, hosts his own quizzes in a classroom equipped with 22 computers hooked to the Internet. The school’s website includes quizzes that students can take at home to prepare for the Georgia Real Estate Appraiser exam. With Perception’s save-as-you-go capability, it’s easy for people to take the quizzes when it suits them. If they have to pick up a child at soccer practice, they can interrupt the quiz and resume it later when they have more time, without fearing that their answers will be lost.


“Perception has been a boon to me,” says Bryant. “I teach for about 45 minutes at a time, then send people to the website for a quiz on the subject matter they’ve just discussed. Password protected quizzes allow students to progress at their own pace. Before this, I gave straight lecture classes. Now I can rely on Perception to verify that people have understood the material we’ve covered. The quizzes are very motivating. They encourage people to study more. My classes have doubled since I started including them in the coursework.”