2015 Questionmark Users Conference

Special Interest Group for Military Users of Questionmark

Questionmark is facilitating the creation of a Special Interest Group for customers from military learning organizations.

The Special Interest Group Meeting will take place during lunch on Monday, March 15th, during the Questionmark Users Conference

We have reserved a private room where you will be able to network with your colleagues, discuss how you are using assessments and share best practices. The meeting will also give the group the opportunity to communicate directly with Questionmark managers.

Although Questionmark is providing a time and place for this meeting and will attend to provide information and listen to your concerns, the goal is the formation of a self-perpetuating group that is run by and for its own members. How your Special Interest Group develops will be up to you, but to get things started here is a general agenda for this planning meeting:

  • Introductions
  • Raise key issues regarding Questionmark and assessments
  • Define goals for the SIG
  • Create a contact list
  • Determine whether to stay in touch when not at the conference, and if so, how (Conference calls? Emails? Wiki? Online forum?)
  • Select a spokesperson to represent the group to Questionmark management

If you are interested in the Special Interest Group, please email us at conference@questionmark.com.