2015 Questionmark users conference | Questionmark

2015 Questionmark users conference

Program from the 2014 users conference

General sessions

Session titlePresenters
 Conference Kickoff and Opening General Session Eric Shepherd, CEO, Questionmark, 
and fellow Questionmark staff
Conference Keynote: Transforming Open Data into Meaning and Action Bryan Chapman
Closing General Session: Leaping Ahead: A View Beyond the Horizon on the Questionmark Roadmap Eric Shepherd, CEO, Questionmark, 
and fellow Questionmark staff

Case studies

Session titlePresenters
Using Questionmark to Conduct Performance Based Certifications (Intermediate)​ David Fricton and and Carolyn Parise, SpaceTEC®
Better Outcomes Make the Outcome Better! (Intermediate)  Gail Watson, USMC Marine Corps University
Generating and Sending Custom Completion Certificates (All experience levels) Brandon Funkhouser and Justin Devine, The Aurelius Group
Leveraging Questionmark's Survey Capabilities with a Multi-system Model (Intermediate) Scott Bybee, Verizon
Importing Questions into Questionmark Live on a Tri-Military Service Training Campus (Beginning/intermediate) Dino Nelson, Medical Education & Training Campus
How Can a Randomly-Designed Test be Fair to All? (Intermediate/advanced) James R. Parry and LT Carlos Schwarzbauer, U.S. Coast Guard

Best practices sessions

Features and functions sessions

Session titlePresenters
Introduction to Questionmark for Beginners Jeff Place, Questionmark
BYOL: Item and Topic Authoring (Beginning) Jim Farrell and Doug Peterson, Questionmark
BYOL: Collaborative Assessment Authoring (Intermediate/advanced) Jim Farrell, Questionmark
Integrating with Questionmark’s Open Assessment Platform (Intermediate/advanced) Steve Lay, Doug Peterson and Howard Eisenberg, Questionmark
Using Questionmark's OData API for Analytics (Intermediate/advanced) Austin Fossey, Questionmark
Successfully Deploying Questionmark Perception (Intermediate/advanced) Steve Lay and Christian Rowenstrunk, Questionmark Questionmark
Customizing the Participant Interface (Intermediate/advanced)
Rick Ault and Howard Eisenberg, Questionmark

Discussions, demos, and future solutions focus groups

Special interest groups