Conference planning

for advanced Questionmark users

"It's definitely worth the investment, not only to meet face-to-face with Questionmark people but also to share with and learn from other clients."

Case Study

Even people with many years of experience using Questionmark technologies say things like this about the conference. This is where they connect with Questionmark managers, product owners and technicians.

These connections work for everyone: Customers learn from each other and from Questionmark staff who have the answers they need. And we gain a great deal from your insights. We use what we learn at the conference to improve our offerings and align them with our customers' needs.


You'll find some suggestions on this page for sessions that might interest you, but look also for opportunities to talk with y our account manager and engage with other Questionmark  staff.

Features & Functions

These sessions, led by Questionmark staff members, are recommended for people with intermediate and/or advanced experience wtih Questionmark technologies.

Other Sessions

Case studies offer you the opportunity to learn firsthand from fellow Questionmark users about their challenges and successes. You're sure to find some subjects that resonate with your own situation.
In the Best Practices track, you can learn about everything from Principles of Psychometrics and Measurement Design to the effective use of Reporting and Analytics.
Discussions and feature demos round out the program -- so you will be spoiled for choice throughout your three days in San Antonio. Check out  the conference schedule and you'll see what we mean.
Dr. Melissa Fein's optional pre-conference workshop on Test Development Fundamentals will increase your understanding of criterion-referenced test development.

Future Solutions Focus Groups

Take the opportunity to meet with the Questionmark product management team and technicians while you are at the conference.

The product owners will conduct two focus groups:

* Open Assessment Platform and Analytics  Authoring and Delivery at 1:45 p.m. Wednesday, March 5

* Open Assessment Platform and Analytics at  11:15 a.m. Thursday, March 6 

Share your views and suggestions. We want to know what's important to and how you would like to see our technologies evolve. Information shared during the focus groups is crucial to our future technologies. We want to know what you think!

Tech Central

Drop in to meet with a Questionmark technician, ask questions and get answers. Tech Central will be open  during all breakout sessions on Wednesday and Thursday, March 5th and 6th.

Special Interest Groups

If you work within any of these sectors, consider attending a Special Interest Group meeting on Tuesday, March 5th. These meetings bring customers together to discuss issues of mutual concern, with Questionmark staff in attendance to field questions and offer suggestions: 


While the conference program offers tremendous learning resources, you'll learn a great deal just from talking with your peers at the conference. Use conference breaks and social events as opportunities to find out what's going on in other organizations.
The conference is also a great place to connect with members of the Questionmark team. You can arrange appointments ahead of time or once you are in San Antonio.

Content on-the-fly

Have something you would like to discuss with Questionmark staff or fellow Questionmark users?

We can help you make that happen. Email us ahead of time at conference@questionmark.comor tell staff at the conference registration desk what you would like learn about or talk about.

We will do our best to help you put together a session and pull in whatever resources you need to make it happen. This is YOUR conference. Tell us what's on your mind!