Questionmark Conference 2018: Session Description

Item Analysis for Beginners

Content Track: Applying Best Practice   Experience Level: Beginner
John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director, Questionmark

This introductory session is aimed at newcomers to assessment or those who are not familiar with item analysis.

Item analysis allows you to look at the performance of your questions (items) and identify weak questions. Using item analysis, you can identify questions which your participants find too easy, too hard or which show ambiguity. If you then review such questions and either improve them or remove them, you can significantly improve the validity, reliability and trustworthiness of your assessment.

This session by Questionmark founder John Kleeman explains the basics of item analysis and how to use the item analysis report in Questionmark software to get value within your assessment programme.

Learning Objectives 
  • Introduce the key statistics and measures presented in Questionmark's item analysis report
  • Use the data in the item analysis report to spot borderline and poorly performing items
  • Explore the practical applications of item analysis