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Best Practice General Standards Writing Assessments

Measuring Learning Results: Eight Recommendations for Assessment Designers

Posted by Joan Phaup Is it possible to build the perfect assessment design? Not likely, given the intricacies of the learning process! But a white paper available on the Questionmark Web site helps test authors respond effectively to the inevitable tradeoffs in order to create better assessments. Measuring Learning Results, by Dr.... Read More

Best Practice General Standards Writing Assessments

Bringing Precision to Industrial Certifications

Posted by Joan Phaup Recently I learned how skilled employees at one manufacturing company demonstrate their understanding of blueprints and measurements as part of their certification program. These workers need to be  precise—down to tolerances as narrow as a human hair! How to measure employee's accuracy and understanding? Scan blueprints and quality... Read More

Best Practice General Security Standards Writing Assessments

Delivering Assessments Securely: What delivery environment is best?

Posted by Joan Phaup In a previous post I mentioned that the stakes of an assessment should drive decisions about delivery and security requirements. Today I'd like to share this chart that can help you determine what delivery environment would be suitable for various types of assessments. The chart appears in... Read More

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Helping test publishers profit from their quizzes and tests

Posted by Joan Phaup Our release today of  "Technologies for Selling Tests" gives professional associations, textbook companies, awarding bodies and other test publishers a way to streamline individual and bulk sales of their online quizzes and tests. This new web-based service is available to users of our hosted and subscription solutions. If you are a... Read More

General Interoperability Writing Assessments

Seven years of web services for easier integrations

Posted by John Kleeman A key objective for Questionmark Perception has been to make it an open system that handles integrations easily. Assessment isn’t usually standalone; most organizations need to integrate it with other organizational systems. There are many ways to integrate with Perception, including via our support of standards such... Read More

Best Practice General Writing Assessments

12 Tips for Writing Good Test Questions

Posted by Joan Phaup Writing effective questions takes time and practice. Whether your goal is to measure knowledge and skills, survey opinions and attitudes or enhance a learning experience, poorly worded questions can adversely affect the quality of the results. I've gleaned the following tips for writing and reviewing questions from Questionmark's... Read More