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Best practices in writing course evaluation surveys

[caption id="attachment_4751" align="alignright" width="413" caption="Example questions in a corporate course evaluation survey"][/caption] Posted by Greg Pope Course evaluations make it easy to obtain valuable feedback that can be gathered and analyzed in order to improve future learning activities. But to get meaningful results from these evaluations, it’s important to observe certain... Read More

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Podcast: Using Questionmark Live for Item Writing Workshops

Posted by Joan Phaup The School of Justice at Miami Dade College in Florida plays an important role in helping people prepare for careers in public safety. Not only does the school offer degree programs, it is also home to the state's basic abilities testing program for prospective police, correctional and probation officers.... Read More

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Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Increases Certification Testing

Posted By Sarah Elkins We recently published a case study on how the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council (PHECC) are using Questionmark to do certification testing.   It’s a great example of how online assessment management can make the statistical review process more efficient. By combining the easy-to-use authoring tools available in Questionmark... Read More

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Tips for preventing cheating and ensuring assessment security

Posted by Julie Chazyn Last week I wrote about tips for protecting  intellectual property.  It's equally important keep people from cheating on tests, so here are three pointers on that subject.  I'll be following this up with more tips in future posts.  Leave me your comments; we can always add to lists like these! .Screening... Read More

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4 Tips to Help Ensure the Security of Intellectual Property

Posted by Julie Chazyn Protecting the intellectual property contained in a test or exam is essential, not only because of the time, effort and cost of creating assessments but also because IP theft undermines the accurate measurement of knowledge and skills. Protecting intellectual property protects the credibility of tests. Here are... Read More

Best Practice General Standards Writing Assessments

5 Steps for Designing Appropriate Learning Experiences

Posted by Julie Chazyn Assessments provide a valuable tool for helping organizations properly design effective and useful learning experiences. Doing so involves a five-step process. Step 1: Define the objectives. An objective might be to increase customer satisfaction, reduce error rates or improve safety. Step 2: Ask what knowledge and... Read More