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Video: Applying the A-model to a business problem

Posted by Julie Delazyn In a recent post on his own blog,  Questionmark CEO Eric Shepherd offered some insights about the 70+20+10 learning model, in which social and informal learning play key roles in knowledge transfer and performance improvement. The A-model, developed by Dr. Bruce C. Aaron, helps organizations make... Read More

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Improving course evaluations and boosting participation

Posted by Jim Farrell Course and session evaluations  are popular assessments  for helping  to improve course and instructor quality at conferences and in learning programs all over the world. One of our major goals over the past few years has been to make it easier to create and deliver course... Read More

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The Role of Assessments in Mitigating Risk for Financial Services Organizations

Posted by John Kleeman Ever since Questionmark started in the 1980s, one of our largest areas of use has been the financial services industry.   Mitigating risk is key component of success for banks, insurance companies and others in financial services. Assessments play a crucial role here, and many of the... Read More

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Problem, Performance and Program in the A-model

Posted by John Kleeman How do you evaluate the effectiveness of training? Around 50 years ago, Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick wrote about what became known as the Kirkpatrick model – where you evaluate training in four levels: reaction, learning, behavior and results. His model has been hugely influential in the evaluation... Read More

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eLearning Design: Start with the Assessment!

Posted By Doug Peterson I would venture to guess that many elearning designers/developers start designing their new elearning course “at the beginning” – they start writing content and gathering illustrations, then maybe work in some delivery considerations, go through the review and sign-off procedures … and only at the very... Read More

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Tips for delivering effective course evaluation surveys on mobile devices

Posted by John Kleeman What's different when you present a course evaluation survey on a mobile phone rather than on a desktop computer or paper? Since many delegates to a course or event will have Internet mobile phones, it can be great to give a course evaluation survey at the end... Read More

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Effectively Communicating the Measurement of Constructs to Stakeholders

Posted by Greg Pope I co-wrote this article Kerry Eades, Assessment Specialist, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, a Questionmark user who shares my interest in test security and many other topics related to online assessment. [caption id="attachment_5969" align="alignright" width="173" caption="Kerry Eades"][/caption] There are many mentions on websites, blogs,... Read More

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Best practices in writing course evaluation surveys

[caption id="attachment_4751" align="alignright" width="413" caption="Example questions in a corporate course evaluation survey"][/caption] Posted by Greg Pope Course evaluations make it easy to obtain valuable feedback that can be gathered and analyzed in order to improve future learning activities. But to get meaningful results from these evaluations, it’s important to observe certain... Read More