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How to measure training effectiveness

How to measure training effectiveness Training programs play a vital role in developing talent, engaging employees, and ensuring compliance. Yet it’s just as important to ensure you measure training effectiveness properly – or you could be wasting time and money. When employers invest in building their workforce’s skills, they need... Read More

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The 7 advantages of internal recruitment

The 7 advantages of internal recruitment Internal recruitment is the process of looking at existing team members and offering them a new role, rather than hiring a new member of staff externally. There are many benefits to this approach such as saving time and money, and already knowing the candidate.... Read More


Understanding employee integrity tests

Understanding employee integrity tests Employee integrity tests are a useful tool for evaluating whether someone is trustworthy, dependable, and honest. Also referred to as honesty or ethics tests, organizations often utilize these assessments during pre-employment testing, but they can also be helpful for gauging the ethical decision-making of existing employees.... Read More


Understanding convergent & discriminant validity

Understanding convergent and discriminant validity Convergent and discriminant validity are two subtypes of construct validity. This post explains the definitions of these types of validity, provides examples, and shows how the two differentiate from each other. What is convergent validity? Convergent validity shows whether a test that is designed to... Read More