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Delivering Assessments Securely: What delivery environment is best?

Posted by Joan Phaup In a previous post I mentioned that the stakes of an assessment should drive decisions about delivery and security requirements. Today I'd like to share this chart that can help you determine what delivery environment would be suitable for various types of assessments. The chart appears in... Read More

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PIP, PIP, Hooray! Sending Push Notifications to iPhones

Posted by Tom King Sometimes it’s important to know when someone finishes an assessment. Using standard, built-in Perception functionality you can have an automated email pushed to anyone you like--for instance the participant, a manager, or an instructor. But today I’d like to show how you can push an instant... Read More

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How it Works: Adding Multimedia to a Question in Questionmark Live

Posted by Jim Farrell Earlier this month, the number of questions in Questionmark Live passed 14,000. That is an amazing statistic for 3 months. We continue to add new features to this powerful, browser based authoring tool including the ability to add multimedia files to questions. Multimedia allows our users... Read More

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Understanding eLearning Standards- AICC HACP

Posted by Tom King I prepared a new segment on Understanding eLearning Standards. This segment addresses the "how" of elearning standards, and specifically run-time communication using the common AICC HACP specification. [Don't worry SCORM fans, there will be another segment focusing on the SCORM runtime.] Standards fans (and hockey fans)... Read More

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Item Analysis Analytics Part 6: Determining Whether a Question Makes the Grade

Posted by Greg Pope In my previous blog post I talked about outcome discrimination and outcome correlation and their relationship to one another. Now I will provide some criteria that can be used for outcome discrimination and outcome correlation coefficients to judge whether a question is making the grade in... Read More

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Podcast: Managing Test Data Effectively

Posted by Joan Phaup End-of-course tests taken by more  than 100,000 students per year give the Arkansas Department of Career Education enormous amounts of data to process. Managing and reporting on that data effectively is essential not only for promoting classroom improvement and measuring student performance but also for reporting to government regulatory agencies and... Read More