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How to Solve the UK Skills Gap

It’s little wonder that with the onset of the 2020 pandemic and its repercussions including the great resignation and the mass adoption of remote work, the landscape of work has forever changed. With more people jumping into entirely new careers and a digital acceleration like never before, it’s perhaps no... Read More

Recruitment Skills gap Staff Retention Training Uncategorized @en_GB

The 7 Advantages of Internal Recruitment

The 7 advantages of internal recruitment Internal recruitment is the process of looking at existing team members and offering them a new role, rather than hiring a new member of staff externally. There are many benefits to this approach such as saving time and money, and already knowing the candidate.... Read More

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What is the return on investment for new selection methods?

Posted by Paula Baciu MA MBPsS, Assessment Content Manager How do you know that your investment in selection methods/assessment is worth the money? In this blog post, I want to challenge one of your most deep-seated beliefs: that humans are better at candidate selection than technology. We already know that... Read More

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D&I: six ways that assessments build diverse teams

Posted by Paula Baciu, Assessment Content Manager A diverse team is a winning team.  Building a truly diverse and inclusive workforce brings real business benefits. Improved company culture, leadership and greater innovation can all stem from greater diversity.[1]  Yet, despite the clear business benefits, employers are struggling to make their... Read More

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Measuring cognitive ability is the key to hiring tomorrow’s leaders

Posted by Paula Baciu, Content Executive There is no doubt that 2020 had many surprises prepared for the recruitment sector. The fact that unemployment rates and financial constraints are higher than the living memory has known is no news anymore. Additionally, the BLM movement adds further pressure on employers to... Read More