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Six things I learned at the ATP Global Virtual Conference last week

Posted by John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director The Association of Test Publishers (ATP) has several conferences and face-to-face meetings each year, including in the US, Europe and India. This year, due to Covid-19, these were replaced with a single virtual, global conference, which happened last week. The conference was... Read More

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Can you have security AND privacy when conducting online proctoring?

Posted by John Kleeman, Founder Covid-19 has seen a dash to test people at home. Universities who used to test students on campus are testing them remotely. Companies who used to give face to face training are now training and testing at a distance. And awarding bodies are delivering exams... Read More

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Online or test center proctoring: Which is more secure? A 2020 view.

Posted by: John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director Back in 2015, when online proctoring was starting to get widely used, I wrote a couple of articles on the Questionmark blog: Online or test center proctoring: Which is best?Online or test center proctoring: Which is more secure? With the current rapid... Read More

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Keeping key worker assessments going with Proctoring Online

Now more than ever: continuing exams and tests for critical workers must continue Posted by: John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director It’s going to be a long time before we hear the words ‘business as usual.’  Bringing people together to one physical location is rarely going to be possible.  It... Read More

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Want to enhance exam integrity? Need to ensure compliance? Then don’t miss these webinars!

Posted by Chloe Mendonca Proxy testing ... Cheating .... Content theft. Does the battle ever end? The techniques and technologies being used to compromise the integrity of your test programs are complex and continually evolving. Many organisations are increasingly turning to online proctoring solutions. Research shows that when properly applied,... Read More

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Infographic: Online or Test-Centre Proctoring?

Posted by Julie Delazyn For many exams, candidates are required to travel to brick-and-mortar test centers where proctors (or invigilators) supervise the process; However, a new way of proctoring certification exams is rapidly gaining traction. Two of the world’s largest software companies, SAP and Microsoft, offer online proctoring for their... Read More

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New best practice webinars: Taking your assessments from to good to great

Posted by Chloe Mendonca “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best.” This old little rhyme teaches us a valuable lesson: There is always room for improvement! No matter what role or business you’re in, if you’re interested in long-term success, you... Read More

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Online Proctoring: FAQs

Posted by John Kleeman Online proctoring was a hot-button topic at Questionmark’s annual Users Conference. And though we’ve discussed the pros and cons in this blog and even offered an infographic highlighting online versus test-center proctoring, many interesting questions arose during the Ensuring Exam Integrity with Online Proctoring session I... Read More