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What’s the key to reliable assessment management?

Posted by John Kleeman If you are choosing a platform for online assessments, what is your most important criterion? Probably that the system is reliable and trustable. An online assessment is only useful if participants, instructors and other stakeholders trust the results. But if you are building an assessment system,... Read More

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Partnering with ProctorU to Add Security to Higher Stakes Online Exams

Posted by Jim Farrell On June 7th, Questionmark and ProctorU announced their partnership to add security to higher stakes exams taken outside a test center. For those of us within Questionmark, this was a very exciting announcement as it provided our customers with options that until recently were very limited.... Read More

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Paper-Free Smile Sheets, Real-time Insight

Posted by Brian McNamara Last week was Questionmark's 10th annual Users Conference – and the eighth one that I've personally been able to attend. At each of the previous conferences I've attended, I've been asked the same question: Why are you doing paper evaluations when you're an online assessment company?... Read More

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Observational assessments: measuring performance in a 70+20+10 world

Posted by Jim Farrell Informal Learning. Those two words are everywhere. You might see them trending on Twitter during a #lrnchat, dominating the agenda at a learning conference or gracing the pages of a training digest. We all know that informal learning is important, but measuring it can often be... Read More

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Conference Close-up: Using mobile devices for sales training and testing

Posted by Joan Phaup The idea of using mobile devices for learning and assessment sparks many lively conversations these days – and we’re looking forward to discussing this subject during the Questionmark Users Conference March 20 – 23 in New Orleans. Among those who can talk about this in detail... Read More