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Integrating and Connectors – Blackboard

Posted By Doug Peterson So far in this series we have discussed integrating using common standards – launch-and-track with AICC or SCORM, or a tighter integration with the Questionmark LTI Connector. In this installment we take a look at a deeper, custom integration – the Questionmark Blackboard Connector. The latest... Read More

Best Practice General Innovative Technologies Interoperability Security

Third-party audits verify our platform's security

Posted by John Kleeman 2013 was a rough year for security and data privacy. The revelations of government surveillance on the Internet surprised many and revelations about credit card and other data theft have been disappointing. As an assessment company, Questionmark has always taken security seriously. We know that our... Read More

Authoring Best Practice General Innovative Technologies Interoperability

Need Customized Reports? Try Out Our OData API

Sample Attempt Distribution Reportlet Posted by Joan Phaup The standard reports and analytics that our customers use to evaluate assessment results meet a great many needs, but some occasions call for customized reports. The Questionmark OData API makes it possible to access data securely and create dynamic assessment reports using third-party... Read More

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Item Analysis Report – Item Reliability

Posted by Austin Fossey In this series of posts, we have been discussing the statistics that are reported on the Item Analysis Report, including the difficulty index, correlational discrimination, and high-low discrimination. The final statistic reported on the Item Analysis Report is the item reliability. Item reliability is simply the product... Read More