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Integrating and Connectors – Blackboard

The Questionmark Blackboard Connector is a proprietary connector that provides unprecedented integration between the Blackboard LMS and Questionmark. Through the Blackboard Connector: The first time an instructor interfaces with Questionmark, a Questionmark admin ID is created for them automatically. When an instructor adds a Questionmark assessment to a Blackboard course,... Read More

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Using Questionmark to conduct a Performance Based Certification

Posted by John Kleeman How do you measure people’s practical skills, for example their ability to conduct electrical or electronic work? Is it possible to have someone use test equipment such as a hardware device or simulator and have this controlled by Questionmark technology? The answer to this question is... Read More

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Integrating and Connectors – SharePoint

Posted By Doug Peterson There’s not just one way to integrate Questionmark with your SharePoint portal. There’s not just two ways. There are actually three ways to integrate a Questionmark assessment into a SharePoint page! For Perception (on-premise) customers, it’s possible to use Windows Authentication to present to a SharePoint... Read More

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Third-party audits verify our platform's security

Posted by John Kleeman 2013 was a rough year for security and data privacy. The revelations of government surveillance on the Internet surprised many and revelations about credit card and other data theft have been disappointing. As an assessment company, Questionmark has always taken security seriously. We know that our... Read More

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Need Customized Reports? Try Out Our OData API

Sample Attempt Distribution Reportlet Posted by Joan Phaup The standard reports and analytics that our customers use to evaluate assessment results meet a great many needs, but some occasions call for customized reports. The Questionmark OData API makes it possible to access data securely and create dynamic assessment reports using third-party... Read More

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Using OData for dynamic, customized reporting: Austin Fossey Q&A

Posted by Joan Phaup We’ll be exploring the power of the Open Data Protocol (OData) and its significance for assessment and measurement professionals during the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference in San Antonio March 4 – 7. Austin Fossey, our reporting and analytics manager, will explain the ins and outs of using... Read More

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Integrating and Connectors – Moodle

Posted By Doug Peterson This installment of the Integrating and Connectors series focuses on Moodle. Technically, it’s really about the Questionmark LTI Connector and how it can be used to integrate with Moodle. (We’ll take a look at integrating with Canvas using the LTI Connector in a future installment.) LTI... Read More

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Transforming Open Data into Meaning and Action: Q&A with Bryan Chapman

Learning strategist Bryan Chapman’s keynote address on Transforming Open Data into Meaning and Action will be a highlight of the Questionmark 2014 Users Conference in San Antonio March 4 – 7. With customers now using the Questionmark OData API to harvest meaning from their assessment results with greater freedom and... Read More