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Online Proctoring: FAQs

Posted by John Kleeman Online proctoring was a hot-button topic at Questionmark’s annual Users Conference. And though we’ve discussed the pros and cons in this blog and even offered an infographic highlighting online versus test-center proctoring, many interesting questions arose during the Ensuring Exam Integrity with Online Proctoring session I... Read More

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Making your Assessment Valid: 5 Tips from Miami

Posted by John Kleeman A key reason people use Questionmark’s assessment management system is that it helps you make more valid assessments. To remind you, a valid assessment is one that genuinely measures what it is supposed to measure. Having an effective process to ensure your assessments are valid, reliable... Read More

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SAP to present their global certification program at London briefing

Posted by Chloe Mendonca A key to SAP’s success is ensuring that the professional learning path of skilled SAP practitioners is continually supported – thereby making qualified experts on their cloud solutions readily available to customers, partners and consultants. In a world where current knowledge and skills are more important than... Read More

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Agree or disagree? 10 tips for better surveys — part 3

Posted by John Kleeman This is the third and last post in my “Agree or disagree” series on writing effective attitude surveys. In the first post I explained the process survey participants go through when answering questions and the concept of satisficing – where some participants give what they think... Read More

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Test Security: Not Necessarily a Question of Proctoring Mode

Posted by Austin Fossey I recently spent time looking for research studies that analyzed the security levels of online and in-person proctoring. Unfortunately, no one seems to have compared these two approaches with a well-designed study. (If someone has done a rigorous study contrasting these two modes of delivery, please let... Read More

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Is There Value in Reporting Subscores?

Posted by Austin Fossey The decision to report subscores (reported as Topic Scores in Questionmark’s software) can be a difficult one, and test developers often need to respond to demands from stakeholders who want to bleed as much information out of an instrument as they can. High-stakes test development is lengthy... Read More