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Court Ruling Requires Verifying Knowledge After Compliance Training

Posted by John Kleeman, Founder Is it good enough to run compliance training courses for employees? Or do you also have to check your workforce understand the training? A European court has just ruled that unverified training is insufficient to avoid compliance fines if a security breach happens. Here is... Read More

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Questionmark and Workday Learning – Accelerating Together

When a company needs to conduct compliance testing, check the readiness of its customer-facing teams or channel, or conduct internal certifications, it often uses an assessment system like Questionmark together with its corporate LMS. The LMS orchestrates who needs to take assessments and allows the organization to consistently track progress... Read More

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Data Privacy Beyond Compliance: why data privacy should be a part of every employee’s job

Posted by Sonata Ožemblauskaitė, Group Security and Compliance Manager The data privacy landscape is constantly evolving, and it is difficult for many of us to keep pace with all these upcoming (and already passed) laws and policies around the world - for example, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and... Read More