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Conceptual Assessment Framework: Building the Student Model

Posted by Austin Fossey The student model is one of the three sections of the Conceptual Assessment Framework (CAF) in Evidence-Centered Design (ECD). In the student model, we define the variables from which we make inferences about the participant’s knowledge, skills, or abilities. We also define how those variables and... Read More

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An Introduction to Building Assessments with Evidence-Centered Design

Posted by Austin Fossey Questionmark users have a flexible set of assessment tools, including a wide variety of item types, conditional item blocks, and weighted scoring. But when should we use these tools, and how do they fit in with our overall measurement goals? Many of us follow a set... Read More

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Using OData queries to calculate simple statistics

Posted by Steve Lay In previous blog posts we've looked at how to use OData clients, like the PowerPivot plugin for Excel, to create sophisticated reports based on the data exported from your Questionmark Analytics results warehouse. In this post, I'll show you that your web developers don't need a... Read More

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Using Questionmark’s OData API to Create a Response Matrix

Posted by Austin Fossey A response matrix is a table of data in which each row represents a participant’s assessment attempt and each column represents an item. The cells show the score that each participant received for each item – valuable information that can help you with psychometric analysis. The... Read More

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Prevent Cheating with Randomised Assessments

Posted by Chloe Mendonca It’s always interesting to talk with customers and discover how they use assessments to meet their business needs. My recent conversation with Onno Tomson, – Senior Advisor at ECABO (soon to be known as eX:plain), gave me some background into the world of metadata and its... Read More

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Using Questionmark’s OData API to Analyze Item Key Distribution

Posted by Austin Fossey The Questionmark OData API, which offers flexible access to data for the creation of custom reports, can help you ensure the quality of your tests. For instance, you can use OData to create a frequency table of item keys in a multiple choice assessment. This report... Read More

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Standard Setting: Compromise and Normative Methods

Posted by Austin Fossey We have discussed the Angoff and Bookmark methods of standard setting, which are two commonly used methods, but there are many more. I would again refer the interested reader to Hambleton and Pitoniak’s chapter in Educational Measurement (4th ed.) for descriptions of other criterion-referenced methods. Though... Read More

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Standard Setting: Bookmark Method Overview

Posted by Austin Fossey In my last post, I spoke about using the Angoff Method to determine cut scores in a criterion-referenced assessment. Another commonly used method is the Bookmark Method. While both can be applied to a criterion-referenced assessment, Bookmark is often used in large-scale assessments with multiple forms... Read More