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Lost in Translation: Idioms and Inclusivity in Assessments 

"Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture." Anthony Burgess The task of creating fair and inclusive assessment options for candidates is one littered with challenges, many of which stem from language barriers. Whether it’s exams that are published in limited... Read More

Assessments in Practice Best Practice ISO Learning and Development

ISO 30422: A New ISO Standard on Learning and Development

George Bernard Shaw famously and unfairly wrote: “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches” A better and fairer quote from Lee Shulman paraphrasing the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle is: “Those who can, do. Those that understand, teach.” Whatever your perspective, clearly teaching, training and learning is critical in the... Read More

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Court Ruling Requires Verifying Knowledge After Compliance Training

Posted by John Kleeman, Founder Is it good enough to run compliance training courses for employees? Or do you also have to check your workforce understand the training? A European court has just ruled that unverified training is insufficient to avoid compliance fines if a security breach happens. Here is... Read More

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Why it’s time to consider a skills gap analysis

Posted by Kristin Bernor, Head of External Relations Having employees with the right skills has always been integral to business success. But what are ‘the right’ skills? The pace of change within organizations makes this a complex question. Shifting objectives and the introduction of new technologies and techniques mean that... Read More

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Best Practices for Adapting and Translating Computerized Tests and Exams in the 21st Century

It takes more than a good translation provider to ensure that an assessment can reliably measure cognitive and non-cognitive skills across languages and cultures. Yet, while most sophisticated testing environments support multiple languages, they often fail to enable workflows that harness the power of translation technology.In this video, presenters, Kristin... Read More

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How SAP has digitally transformed their Certification program

Questionmark executive director John Kleeman talks to Daniela Kelemen, head of digital learning operations and support at SAP, about how we helped SAP to deliver online certification programs, update them regularly and drive commercial success.Deploying assessments to the cloud has sped up the speed of production, made it easier to... Read More

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Criterion-Referenced Test Development: Book Review

Posted by John Kleeman, Founder and Executive Director This is the second in a series of Questionmark book review blogs. Our first review was about Eric Shepherd and Joan Phaup’s book, “Talent Transformation” about how assessments help make people decisions. This review steps back a little in time and looks... Read More