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Agree or disagree? 10 tips for better surveys — part 3

Posted by John Kleeman This is the third and last post in my “Agree or disagree” series on writing effective attitude surveys. In the first post I explained the process survey participants go through when answering questions and the concept of satisficing – where some participants give what they think... Read More

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Know what your questions are about before you deliver the test

Posted by Austin Fossey A few months ago, I had an interesting conversation with an assessment manager at an educational institution—not a Questionmark customer, mind you. Finding nothing else in common, we eventually began discussing assessment design. At this institution (which will remain anonymous), he admitted that they are often pressed... Read More

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Test Security: Not Necessarily a Question of Proctoring Mode

Posted by Austin Fossey I recently spent time looking for research studies that analyzed the security levels of online and in-person proctoring. Unfortunately, no one seems to have compared these two approaches with a well-designed study. (If someone has done a rigorous study contrasting these two modes of delivery, please let... Read More

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Online or test center proctoring: Which is more secure?

Posted by John Kleeman As explained in my previous post Online or test center proctoring: Which is best?, a new way of proctoring certification exams is rapidly gaining traction. With online proctoring, candidates takes exams at their office or home, with a proctor observing via video camera over the Internet.... Read More