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What is the return on investment for new selection methods?

Posted by Paula Baciu MA MBPsS, Assessment Content Manager How do you know that your investment in selection methods/assessment is worth the money? In this blog post, I want to challenge one of your most deep-seated beliefs: that humans are better at candidate selection than technology. We already know that... Read More

Assessment Content Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment

D&I: six ways that assessments build diverse teams

Posted by Paula Baciu, Assessment Content Manager A diverse team is a winning team.  Building a truly diverse and inclusive workforce brings real business benefits. Improved company culture, leadership and greater innovation can all stem from greater diversity.[1]  Yet, despite the clear business benefits, employers are struggling to make their... Read More

Assessment Content Retail

Why you need intrinsically motivated employees in retail

Posted by Paula Baciu, Content Executive Customer service is no longer just about ‘service’ anymore, but about care and mutual support. Shopping interactions are much more meaningful now, when our interactions with other people are so limited – and it seems that retailers know that. I remember such an episode... Read More

Assessment Content Compliance Privacy

Data Privacy Beyond Compliance: why data privacy should be a part of every employee’s job

Posted by Sonata Ožemblauskaitė, Group Security and Compliance Manager The data privacy landscape is constantly evolving, and it is difficult for many of us to keep pace with all these upcoming (and already passed) laws and policies around the world - for example, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and... Read More

Assessment Content

Encourage inclusion: Anti-discrimination for People Managers test

Posted by Paula Baciu, Content Executive I live in London, where we’ve just jumped headfirst into another month of nation-wide lockdown. National guidelines advise that we should adhere carefully to social distancing measures because the risk of contracting the virus is ‘very high’. The neighbourhood where I live has the... Read More

Assessment Content Cybersecurity Security

How to maintain your business’s security posture during a pandemic

Posted by Sonata Ožemblauskaitė, Group Security and Compliance Manager To remain operational, many businesses had to adjust to teleworking as a means of practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. While teleworking may be an essential measure to prevent the spread of the virus throughout the workplace, it can also... Read More