Our Consulting Partners


AlphaPlus is a consultancy service to help organisations to get more value from the assessment platform and best practice advice on how to perform assessments appropriately.


cApStAn assists organisations in setting up and executing the most suitable translation and linguistic quality assurance (LQA) models for multilingual testing. In close collaboration with research institutes, cApStAn develops, upgrades and promotes best practices in assessment localisation.


Caveon Test Security offers solutions for test programs, from developing secure exams to protecting existing exams to responding to security breaches. It is the industry leader in protecting high-stakes programs.

Compass Consultants, LLC

Founded in 2010, Compass Consultants, LLC is a Virginia Limited Liability Corporation. We are leaders in the application of Human Performance Technology (HPT), specialising in the design, development and presentation of training interventions and the psychometrics of test development and analysis.


Credly helps the world speak a common language about knowledge, skills, and abilities. Thousands of organisations use Credly to translate learning experiences into professional opportunities through digital credentials. Credly provides enterprise-class tools that generate data-driven insights to address skills gaps and highlight opportunities through an unmatched global credential issuer network on its Acclaim platform.


Organisations are at greater risk of cyber-attacks than ever before. Questionmark has teamed up with CyberVista, the cybersecurity workforce development leaders. Together we will help organisations ensure they have a workforce with the knowledge and skills to defend against internal and external security threats.

The Questionmark Critical Cyber Diagnostic Test by CyberVista demonstrates whether cybersecurity specialists and sensitive data handlers have sufficient knowledge and the appropriate skills to protect systems and data from security attacks.  With the results of the assessment, employers can make better decisions on training, development, and recruitment.


Examity® is a comprehensive exam integrity solution. Cost-effective, flexible, and totally customisable, Examity is the most advanced live online proctoring solution available. Examity’s sophisticated.

Examity’s AI-backed technology and superior support are ideal for professional/corporate certifications and pre-employment testing. Around the clock service and extreme flexibility sets them apart from the competition. Test-takers sit for exams in more than 50 countries and 5 continents. At Examity, their top priority is to assist clients to maintain test integrity and protect their reputation.

Performance Training Systems, Inc.

For more than 26 years, Performance Training Systems has been the leader in testing services for the fire and emergency medical fields.

A truly dedicated company, PTS’ testing materials are used by 347 fire department training divisions and 117 academies and training institutions worldwide.


Using state-of-the-art technology and end-to-end data security, Proctorio ensures the total learning integrity of every assessment, every time. Their software eliminates human error, bias, and much of the expense associated with remote proctoring and identity verification.


ProctorU, a Meazure Learning company, is the world’s largest online test proctoring provider.

Meazure Learning‘s suite of solutions provides comprehensive proctoring and identity management solutions for education, professional development and credentialing organisations. With patented, 24/7 live proctoring supported by an advanced technology platform, ProctorU offers a powerful, convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional test centers.

TTG Systems

Incorporated in 1974, TTG Systems is a leading solutions provider specialising in the management of employee competency and training and compliance reporting. TTG’s flagship product, TRACCESS™, helps deliver, track and report on employee training and compliance.

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An innovator in the future of training and assessments.

Partnering to provide a superior live online proctoring solution.

Certification, promotion and testing services up-to-date with NFPA Standards.