Posted by Steve Lay
Recently I attended the UK Academic briefing at the University of Central Lancashire, in Preston, UK.  It kicked off with Joseph Kelly, one of our Account Managers, giving an overview of some key technologies that make up the Questionmark assessment platform.
I also got a chance to update everyone on some of our current projects.
To finish off the event, John Dermo talked about the University of Bradford’s approach to formative assessment using Questionmark Perception.  I always find John’s talks interesting and, as usual, he provided plenty of pictures to help us visualise the data captured during his research.

John Dermo

His analysis looked in depth at student use of formative feedback, one of the conclusions being that “students who view the formative [e-assessments] and feedback as part of their learning show the greatest amount of progress”.
The slides from John’s presentation at the briefing are now available here.
I’d like to thank our hosts for providing an excellent venue and everyone who attended for making this such an interesting event.